March 26, 2018

Location:    Alicia Ashman Library, 733 N. High Point Rd

Time:           6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all  are welcome)

                     6:30-8:30 Program

Program:    Bead Crochet, the Basics

Instructor:  Mary Jo Schiavoni

Supplies:    Crochet thread size 10 or pearl cotton size 10/2 (size 8 pearl cotton can work in a pinch)

3 colors of size 6 beads (or pony beads) - bring lots

Crochet hook, size 3, 4, or 5 (depending on the thread and bead size)

Long-eyed needle or regular beading needle

Scissors (wirecutters optional)

Please go to the March newsletter for pictures and instructions on how to pre-string some beads (this would be helpful).

October  22, 2018
Pinney Library, 204 Cottage Grove Road
Time:            6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome), 6:30 Program begins
Program:     Beaded Flowers
MBS received a donation from a woman who  made beaded flowers.  We decided to turn this donation into a program.  To bring: if you have any opaque seed beads you want to use up, paddle wire or 26 or 28 gauge artistic wire for flowers and 30, 32, 34 gauge artistic wire for lacing and assembly.  Other things you will need: wire cutters and bead mat.

Watch the MBS newsletter and email alerts for future workshops and meeting information.

August 27, 2018
Location:  Alicia Ashman Library, 733 N. High Point Road
Time:         6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome), 6:30  Program begins
Program:  Annual Meeting & election of officers

July 24, 2017
Diakonos, 187 E. Main St. , Stoughton (above Cheesers)
Time:         6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome)
                   6:30  Program begins
Program:  Hammered Focal Beaded Necklace
Instructors: Becky and E#d Guzman
Supplies:  Fees: $25 plus additional fees if you decide to swap out beads; many choices of large beads, pearls, and natural stones will be available
The fee includes materials and instructions. In addition to the chevron portion of the necklace, students will hammer a word into the large disc, and texture and/or curve the leaf. If you haven’t done a wrapped loop, or haven’t done one in a while like me, they can help us with the pearl dangle. Have a word prepared in advance, 12 characters or less works best. It can be a single word or a phrase and can incorporate numbers. Remember, a space counts as a character.
And they are offering 20% off additional shopping, the night of the meeting only.

R,S.V.P. required by July 21 (608.873-0210)

July 23, 2018
Location:  Diakonos,  187 E. Main Street, Stougton
Time:         6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome)
                    6:30 Program begins
Program:   Your Choice: "Woven Bookstone Bracelet" or "Basic Metal Stamping.

                     Please go to the newsletter for pictures and detailed information.
                     Diakonos is requesting RSVP. Phone: 6089-873-0210

September 24, 2018
Location:  Sun Prairie Westside Community Service Building, 2598 W. Main St., Sun Prairie
Time:     6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome, 6:30 Program begins
Program: Glitz and Glam Measure Tape
Instructor: Shannon Jambard
Program:  Beaded Measuring Tape (Kit: $20, check or exact cash). Bring a mat
      RSVP required:  email ' or secretary at    madisonbeadsociety. org

Upcoming Programs

April 23, 2018

Location:   Warner Park Community and Recreation Center  (1625 Northport Drive)

Time:          6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome)

                    6:30-  Program starts

Program:   Spiral Stitch

Instructor: Teresa Schwerin

Supplies:   1 tube of 8/0 or 6/0 seeds beads for inner core

                    2 tubes of 8/0 or 6/0 of same or different color for outer spiral

                    Fireline (6 lb is good) or Nymo

                   1 clasp or your choice; size 10 or 13 beading needles (some available for purchase)

                   focal bead  (optional), bead mat, scissors

Teresa will teach the basics and how to incorporate a focal bead, see newsletter for pictures

November 26, 2018
Location:   Sun Prairie Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Dr., Sun Prairie
Time:          6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome), 6:30 Program begins
Program:   Kumihimo candy cane ornament
Presenter: Lynn Sterud

For detailed information about  the program and which supplies to bring, please go to the November newsletter

February 26, 2018
Location:   Pinney Library, 204 Cottage Grove Road
Time:          6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome)
6:30 Program begins
Program:   Herringbone Stitch Bracelet with Superduos
Facilitator: Pat Reichert

Supplies:    approx. 10 grams of superduos (1 tube or 2 packets), size 10 or 11 seed beads (don't need a lot, 5 g would be plenty), 6lb Fireline (at least 3 yards), clasp of your choice (Pat likes the sliding clasp with 3 loops for this bracelet), needle, and bead mat.

Madison Bead Society

June 25, 2018

Location:  Pinney Library, 204 Cottage Grove Rd.

Time:        6:00-6:30 Board Meeting (all are welcome)

                  6:30 Program begins

Program: Mark Kenoyer, UW Professor of Anthropology and founding member of the Madison Bead Society.  His research interests are many and include ancient technology, textiles, pottery and ornaments (including beads).


Meeting Time:
The Madison Bead Society meets the 4th Monday of each month (except in December and January) from 6:30-8:30 - unless otherwise noted. Officers meet at 6:00 pm on meeting nights; all members are welcome to attend.

Meeting Place:

We try to alternate between the east and west side locations.  Some meetings are held at one of our local bead shops.

Guests (First-time attendee):

First meeting no charge; subsequent meetings $5.00 each.

Program notes:

Meetings may consist of sharing projects and problems, or just sit and bead, or  include a more formal program: instructions for a beading project or a presentation.  Some meetings may require advance reservations and/or an instruction fee.  Supplies needed for a meeting's project will be listed with the event details below.