Acrostic Gem Alphabet

Acrostic jewelry is jewelry set with gemstones that spell out a message. Each gemstone represents a letter--the first letter of their name. Diamond, for example, would serve as a D.  A piece of gemstone jewelry that features a diamond, an emerald, an amethyst, and a ruby spells out “dear”. Acrostic jewelry is believed to have been created in 18th century Paris by Jean-Baptieste Mellerio, jeweler to Empress Josephine and Marie Antoinette.  It soon became a hit in nearby England. 

The "Acrostic Gem Alphabet" is a list of gems to be used to represent the letters A through Z.

Madison Bead Society

Templates for making paper beads

The first page shows 7 templates, including concave, convex, and layered
The second page shows 8 templates, including triangle, cylinder, and dumbells